1. Concept creation.
2. App name & identity.
3. Use Sketch to wireframe & build.
4. Use InVision to prototype.
5. Create supporting visuals (stagnant & motion).     

1. Concept Creation.
Concept: Everyone has a favorite "spot", a place that makes the perfect (insert food item here). Sometimes people disagree, a fight ensues and the battle begins. Food Fight* takes that fun concept to a higher level by letting people fight it out on the app and vote for their favorite restaurant in the match. The app works as an up to the minute best of list.  
2. Name & Identity.
Name: Food Fight*
The name evokes memories of childhood lunchrooms, the idea of a playful not so serious fight among friends.
Identity: Fresh colors and fonts to make the images pop.
3. Wireframe.
Software: Sketch

3. Building
Software: Sketch
4. Prototype.
Software: InVision
Uploaded screens to InVision to create prototype.
5. Supporting Visuals.
Software: Photoshop
Images: &
Created images & GIFs in photoshop to showcase app. 
Thank you for looking.
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